Stormglass Copper

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Would you like to get your own local weather forecast - A weather glass from Inca Living can give you the opportunity to do so. The stylish Danish-designed weather glass and called storm glass, has camphored crystals which are influenced by the surroundings and will, depending on the placement of the crystals and the clarity of the liquid in the glass, tell how the weather will be. Precisely because the surroundings of the weather glass have an effect on how the crystals are placed - it is important that the road glass is not in the vicinity of heat sources or ventilation systems.

You can personalize the weather glasses with engravings and / or rings in colors that can be placed at the bottom. For further information contact

H15.2 cm Ø3.8 cm
H6in Ø, 5in

Material: Copper in golden tone.

Facts about copper:

    Copper is often used on buildings, such as roofs on churches - but also on ships, as it provides a number of benefits on the ship's keel, copper makes it possible to sail in tropical waters, where the high water temperature combined with the salt and mineral levels in the water, usually corrodes many other materials, including wood and various metals - but copper resists these conditions. In addition, copper, for example, prevents mussels from growing on the keel.