Galilei Thermometer Brass

Galilei Thermometer Brass

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With a stylish Galilei thermometer from Inca Living, you can predict the weather in an almost as charming way as Inca Living's weather glass.

Based on the principle that the density of a liquid will change with temperature. The temperature is displayed by means of small aluminum seals suspended in small balls. The difference in the weight of the spheres is less than 2/1000 g, which gives an accuracy of 1 ° C.

If the temperature rises, the balls drop slowly, the temperature drops, the balls rise.

The temperature can / will be affected by direct sunlight and / or if the Galilei glass is standing or hanging near a radiator or air conditioner.

You can personalize the weather glasses with colored rings at the bottom and / or engravings. For further information contact

H15.2 cm Ø3.8 cm
H6in Ø, 5in

Measuring range: from 18 to 24 ° C

Material: Glossy brass.