Galilei termometer Aluminium

Galilei termometer Aluminium

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The Galileo thermometer that can give you the current.

The temperature can be read using small aluminum seals that are suspended in small balls.
The balls are carefully selected and the difference in the weight of the balls is less than 2/1000 g, that is, this gives a current temperature accuracy of +/- 1 ° C. All this can be done because the density of the liquid changes depending on the temperature

    As the temperature rises, the balls drop.
    As the temperature drops, the balls rise.

The temperature is read on the bottom ball / seal of the liquid balls.
Depending on whether the temperature reading ball / seal has positioned:

    High and close to the balls that have risen to the road (floating), ie. is the temperature as stated
    Located in the middle, the temperature is as stated minus 0.5 ° C

The temperature is affected by direct sunlight and / or if the Galilei glass is standing or hanging near a radiator or air conditioner.

Can be adapted to the location of the location with colored rings at the bottom and / or engravings. For further information contact us at

H15.2 cm Ø3.8 cm
H6in Ø, 5in

Measuring range: from 18 to 24 ° C

Material: Raw aluminum.