About Inca Living

Inca Living was founded in 2012 with historical roots in the Scandinavian. Our ultimate ambition is to create products that last for many years, both aesthetically and in terms of quality. That is sustainability for us. That things live and survive in the long run. That they patinate and accumulate stories. Because in our world, good stories and relationships are the most important thing, and we strive to design products that are easy to create with. At Inca Living, we set the bar high to develop products that are also relevant in 20 years and can live side by side with our historical classics. Products created with craftsmanship, consideration for the environment and a warm and relevant aesthetic. Products that have the ability to reach people of all ages and make everyday life more beautiful. We support and follow the UN's 10 advice on CSR. Our range is divided into the Accessories category, and Inca Living currently exports to 17 countries. We are proud of this and hope it is because we make an effort to create functional products for lived life.

Vejrglas New York