About us

Timeless danish design

Inca Living is a company, located in Randers – Denmark. We work on designing, developing, selling and marketing. At the moment we sell two exceptional, fascinating products – The Weather Glass which in a magical way can predict the weather and The Galileo Thermometer, which gives us the current temperature in a visual and exciting way.

The name “Inca” is associated with South America, and the idea to produce the Weather Glass was founded after a private journey to Chile in South America back in 1960’s.

According to historical records, Weather Glass traces back to the 1750s. Back then, the glass was used by sailors and fishermen to predict the weather when at sea. To date, there are no entries about the inventor of Weather Glass.

After the journey we brought the recipe back to Denmark and production was started. After several centuries and generations have gone by, we relaunched the weatherglass in a timeless danish design.

Recently we have added the Gaileo thermometer, which also is an invention of the past. Even though decades gone by, the functionality of the products are still intact.

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